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NTU Lab.: Algorithmic Theory and Applications Lab.,NTU

Research Areas

Course: Geometric Computing and Visualization (Spring Semester)

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Presentations: Intelligent Control of Electric Scooter, Oct. 2, 2002 (pdf)

Research Projects: Knowledge Portal for Computational Problem Solving
Computational Geometry and Visualization ||| Robotics Control ||| Tele-Robot Controller

Other Links: Int'l J. of Computational Geometry & Applications ||| Instructions for preparing final manuscript for IJCGA

Neuro-Muscular-like Controller Technology (PUMA560 Video Demo) (MPEG)

Hot Science from Taiwan- National Geographic Channel Oct. 21, 2002 (MPEG)

Electrical Motorcycle Project- Introduction (Word in Chinese)

Open Source Software Country Report (ppt)

National Digital Archives Program (word)