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Yuan-Hao Chang (Johnson Chang)

Yuan-Hao Chang
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      Yuan-Hao Chang (IEEE Fellow) received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering at National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. He is currently a Deputy Director and Research Fellow (Professor) of Institute of Information Science (IIS), Academia Sinica, and is also a Jointly Appointed Professor of College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, National Taiwan University (NTU), Taipei, Taiwan. Previously, he served as an Associate Research Fellow between Mar. 2015 and Jun. 2018 and Assistant Research Fellow between Aug. 2011 and Mar. 2015. His research interests include memory/storage systems, operating systems, embedded systems, and real-time systems. He is a Fellow of IEEE for contributions to non-volatile memory reliability.

      Dr. Chang was a recipient of Investigator Award from Academia Sinica (AS) in 2022, Outstanding Research Award from Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in 2021. He was also a recipient of K. T. Li Breakthrough Award from Institute of Information and Computing Machinery (IICM) in 2018, Y. Z. Hsu Scientific Paper Award from Far Eastern Y.Z. Hsu Science and Technology Memorial Foundation in 2018, Career Development Award from Academia Sinica in 2018, Outstanding Electrical Engineering Professor Award from Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering (CIEE) in 2017, Ta-You Wu Memorial Award from Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in 2016, Outstanding Youth Electrical Engineer Award from Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering (CIEE) in 2014, and Excellent Research Project Award from National Program for Intelligent Electronics (NPIE) of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in 2014.

      Dr. Chang has published more than 100 research papers, which were mainly published in top journals (including 50+ in premier ACM/IEEE Transactions, e.g., IEEE TIFS, IEEE TETC, IEEE TC, IEEE TCAD, IEEE TVLSI, ACM TECS, ACM TODAES, and ACM TOS) and top conferences (including 50+ in USENIX OSDI, ACM/IEEE MICRO, ACM/IEEE DAC, ACM/IEEE ICCAD, ACM/IEEE ISLPED, ACM/IEEE CODES+ISSS, ACM/IEEE EMSOFT, ACM/IEEE CASES, IEEE RTSS, IEEE RTAS, and IEEE ISSCC). In particulary, he has published more than 20 papers in ACM/IEEE DAC, which is the #1 out of the 102 conferences listed in the Hardware and Architecture Domain of the Microsoft Academic Search. His work received 3 best paper awards from top conferences (including ACM/IEEE CODES+ISSS 2022, ACM/IEEE ISLPED 2020, and ACM/IEEE CODES+ISSS 2019), 6 best paper nominations from top conferences (including ACM/IEEE ISLPED 2023, ACM/IEEE ISLPED 2022, ACM/IEEE DAC 2016, ACM/IEEE DAC 2014, ACM/IEEE CODES+ISSS 2014, and ACM/IEEE DAC 2007), 2 best paper awards from important conferences (including IEEE NVMSA 2019 and IEEE IMW 2018), and 1 best paper nomination from important conference ACM/IEEE ASP-DAC 2016. He has also been granted for dozens of US and Taiwan patents.

      Dr. Chang is an associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing (TETC), ACM Transactions on Storage (TOS), ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems (TCPS), and ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR). He was a guest editor of Special Issues of ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems (TECS), IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing (TETC) Special Section, and IEEE Transactions on Computers (TC). He is currently an executive committee member of ACM Special Interest Group on Design Automation (SIGDA) and ACM Special Interest Group on Embedded Systems (SIGBED). He is a steering committee member of IEEE Non-Volatile Memory Systems and Applications Symposium (NVMSA). In addition, He served as a program co-chair and a general co-chair of IEEE NVMSA 2017 and 2018 respectively. He served as a local chair of IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS) 2023 and a local co-chair of ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design (ISLPED) 2017. He has also served as a program committee member for many top international conferences (e.g., ACM/IEEE DAC, ACM/IEEE ICCAD, ACM/IEEE ISLPED, IEEE RTSS, IEEE RTAS, ACM/IEEE CODES+ISSS, and IEEE ICDCS) and as a reviewer for top journals (e.g., IEEE TC, TCAD, TII, TKDE, TMC, TMSCS, TPDS, TR, and TVLSI as well as ACM TECS, TODAES, and TOS).

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