Homework Assignment 3 (XML Document Processing)

The homework is due 2:30 pm, November 19, 2008. Please prepare and hand in the homework in the specific way that is requested below. Your homework will be rejected immediately if it is not prepared accordingly. No late homework will be accepted.

This Homework Assignment is a continuation of Homework Assignment 2. Now that you have written an XSLT program qaml2html.xsl to transform a QAML document into an XHTML document as required, you are asked to write several stylesheets.

  1. Write a stylesheet qaml2html.css for the generated XHTML documents. The stylesheet shall present your XHTML documents in a style as similar as possible to these screenshots and printouts: xml10points-screen-1.png, xml10points-screen-2.png, xml10points-printout.pdf for the XHTML document xml10points.html; and qaml-faq-screen-1.png, qaml-faq-screen-2.png, qaml-faq-printout.pdf for the XHTML document qaml-faq.html.
  2. Write a new stylesheet my-qaml.css for QAML documents, and a new stylesheet my-qaml2html.css for the generated XHTML documents. You are free in your design of these two stylesheets. The stylesheets must be interesting in their own ways, and give out pleasant presentations of QAML and the generated XHTML documents.

You must hand in your homework in the following way: