Term Project: Proposal and Presentation (XML Document Processing)

Time Line

May 29 (Tue), 9:30 am —
You must hand in a hard copy of your term project proposal before the class begins.
June 5 (Tue), 11:30 am - 12:20 am —
I will provide individual feedback to each of the submitted project proposals.
June 25 (Mon), 9:30 am —
You must upload your project report, presentation slides, and all supporting materials by this time.
June 26 (Tue), 9:30 am - 12:20 am —
Term projects are presented. You must participate in the discussion of others' presentations. All students must be present in the class.

Topics to look into for term projects

Here are but some suggestions:

What is in your term project proposal?

Your name(s) —
Your name(s) and student ID(s). You can do the term project by yourself. You can also team up with another classmate (at most two people in a team).
Title of the project —
A short title of the project, in Chinese or English.
Description of the project —
Describe the project in as much detail as necessary. If the project is to implement a system, then describe the functionality of the system, as well as the ways you will implement the system. If the project is to explore new techniques or tools for XML document processing, then describe what they are, what they are for, and what you plan to do with them. If the project is to study a theory or to conduct an in-depth survey, then describe what the theory is for, as well as well as its applications. For survey, you need to very clear about why this survey is valuable. If the project is to trace and understand an interesting application related to XML, then you must describe what the application does and why it is important to look into it.
Motivation and challenge —
Why do you want to do this project? What are the expected difficulties in undertaking this project.
Output and deliverables —
What will be produced from this project? If you are implementing a system, what programs will be written as a result? If you are studying an existing XML-based system, what will the result of your study? Be as concrete as you possibly can!

Term project report and presentation

Presentation —
For a single-person project, you have 3 min. for an oral presentation. For a two-person project, you have in total 6 min. for an oral presentation (both of you must present you project). The number of slides should be kept in between 10 and 20. The format of slides must be in PDF.
Report —
The report shall be as detailed as possible and must address what you have originally proposed (such as description, motivation & challenge, output & deliverables, etc.). The format of the report must be in XHTML.
Other supporting materials —
Source code, URL of your system, samples of application input and output, related schema documents, and any other relevant materials you produce for this project.