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Software Name:BeDIPS (A Building/environment Data Based Indoor Positioning System)
Inventors:Jane W. S. Liu, C. C. Li and J. Su

BeDIPS is a scalable, easy to maintain and disaster resilient indoor positiong system, designed to meet the requirements of indoor positioning systems of large public buildings. The system can provide both smart and legacy Bluetooth enabled devices with location information with zero vertical error and 3-10 meter horizontal accuracy. It can function without Internet and pre-installed application. Major components of the system include location beacons which the system uses to deliver to users 3D coordinates and textual description of their locations. The BeDIS server provide building information models and other support information used for configuration, initialization and maintenance purposes. The software components of BeDIPS are released as open source under GPL license. Available code can be found at and Available software for BeDIPS also include code of a development environment which enables the developer to easily select location for each location beacon, determine the coordinates of the location and provide information needed to support the installation of the beacon at its seleced location. The code of the development environment can be found at

Software Name:ABDiSE (Agent-Based Disaster Simulation Environment)
Inventors:Tzu Liang Hsu and Jane W. S. Liu

ABiDiSE is a framework that provides models, tools and a runtime envionment that support the modeling and simulation of common types of natural disasters, including fire, flood and debris flows. The underlying model is agent based. Active objects describes how agent moves, attach and interact with each other and their environment and model and simulate the dynamics and development of individual disasters. ABiDiSE is extensible: New agents and external simulators needed to model elements and dynamics of new disaster scenarios and define the behavior and interaction of agents can be added to the framework without the need of revision and recompilation of the framework. ABiDiSE is multithreaded and capable of making good use of resources to speed up simulation. The framework is released under GPL 3.0 licence. It code and documentaion can be found at

Software Name:iNuC (intelligent Nursing Cart)
Inventors:C. S. Shih, Jane W. S. Liu and research assistants and students in the iNuC project.

iNuC (intelligent Nursing Cart) is a mobile system of medication adminstration and patient record kepping tools for use by nursing staff for the purpose of preventing medication adminstration error and enhancing patient safety. It also provide users with time and work management tools. Its intelligent monitoring and notification (iMAN) tool is unique in the sense that it can detect action sequences and events that are likely to lead to medication errors and alert the user to prevent the errors. iNuC also has several automation and labor saving tool, including tracking medication supplies and automatic requesting replenishments. iNuC is wirtten in C and C# programming languages. Its alpha version, open source code is released under GPL license and can be found at