Research Fellow/Professor  |  Hwang, Wen-Liang  
Invited Talks
  1. Honorable Lecture: lwate Prefectural University, lwate, Japan , Department of Software & Information Science (2017/09/13)
  2. The Collaborative Conference on 3D and Materials Research (CC3DMR), South Korea, CC3DR (2016/06/20)
  3. Domenstic Lectures: National Taiwan University, Taiwan, Math. Department (2016/04/09)
  4. Domenstic Lectures: National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, Math. Department (2015/12/19)
  5. Domenstic Lectures: National Chi Nan University, Taiwan, EE/CS Department (2015/12/15)
  6. The 1st Asia-Pacific Workshop on Image Processing and Applications, Sydney/Australia, APWIPA (2015/12/14)
  7. The 7th International Conference on Awareness Science and Technology, Qinhuangdao/China, IEEE iCAST 2015 (2015/09/21)
  8. Collaborative Conference on 3D Research (CC3DR) , Busan/Korea, CC3DR (2015/06/15)
  9. Collaborative Conference on 3D Research (CC3DR) , Seoul, Korea, CC3DR (2014/06/23)
  10. Domenstic Lectures: National Dong Hwa University, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, EE Department (2014/06)
  11. Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Sciences (MCSS '14), Gdansk University of Technology, Poland, Gdansk University of Technology, Poland (2014/05/15)
  12. Domenstic Lectures: Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, National Central University, National Chung Hsing University, Natiaonal Taipei University, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan, EE Department and CS Department (2013/07)
  13. The Collaborative Conference on 3D Research , Jeju Island, South Korea, CC3DR (2013/06/24)
  14. The Symposium on Dynamical Biomarkers for Translational Medicine, Taipei, Taiwan, CDBTM (2013/04/13)
  15. The High-Cited Scholar Lecture Series, Macau, The High-Cited Scholar Lecture Series (2013/03/18)
  16. Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization , Hsinchu, Taiwan, National Chiao Tung University (2012/07)
  17. The Collaborative Conference on 3D Research, Seoul, South Korea (2012/06)
  18. The Second International Conference on the Advances of Hilbert-Huang Transform and Its Applications, Sun Yat-Sen University/China, Sun Yat-Sen University (2008/11/15)
  19. Mathematical Imaging and Digital Media, National University of Singapore/Singapore, National University of Singapore (2008/06)
  20. International conference on Multiple Decision Theory, Statistical Inference and Applications in honor of Professor Deng-Yuan Huang, Fu Jen Catholic University/Taiwan, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan (2007/12)
  21. ISFMA Symposium on Wavelet Methods on Mathematical Analysis and Engineering, Sun Yat-Sen University/China, Sun Yat-Sen University (2007/08)
  22. Workshop on Biopolymer and and Complex Systems, National Taiwan University/Taiwan,, National Center for Theoretical Sciences (2004/11)
  23. Wavelet Theory and Applications: New Directions and Challenges, National University of Singapore/ Singapore, National University of Singapore (2004/08)
  24. Asia Approximation and Wavelet Theory Conference, National University of Singapore/Singapore, Institute for Mathematical Sciences and Center for Wavelets, (2003/11)
  25. Workshop on Mathematics in Image Processing, University of Hong Kong/Hong Kong, Department of Mathematics (2000/12)
  26. Workshop on Statistical Physics and Numerical Simulation, Academia Sinica/Taiwan, Institute of Physics, (2000/07)
  27. Workshop on Stochastic Processes Analyzed using Multifractal and Wavelets, Cambridge University/England, Cambridge University, (1993/08)