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Patent:Systems and methods for securing Web application code
Inventors:Huang, Yao-Wen; Yu, Fang; Tsai, Chung-Hung; Hang, Christian; Lee, Der-Tsai; and Kuo, Sy-Yen
Date of Patent:2010/08/17–2030/08/16
Abstract:Methods, software tools and systems for analyzing software applications, e.g., Web applications, are described. A software application to be analyzed is transformed into an abstract representation which preserves its information flow properties. The abstract interpretation is evaluated to identify vulnerabilities using, for example, type qualifiers to associate security levels with variables and/or functions in the application being analyzed and typestate checking. Runtime guards are inserted into the application to secure identified vulnerabilities.
Patent:An Intelligent System for Regulating the Speed of an Electric Vehicle
Inventors:D.T.Lee & C. H. Wu
Date of Patent:2002/06–2019/01
Abstract:An Intelligent System for Regulating the Speed of an Electric Vehicle
Patent:An Intelligent System for Regulating the Speed of an Electric Motorcycle
Inventors:D.T.Lee & C-H Wu
Date of Patent:2001/11/27–2019/01
Abstract:A system for regulating the speed of a motorcycle, of the type powered by an electric motor and a battery, includes a command module that determines a desired speed of the motor, a speed sensor which determines an actual speed of the motor, and a controller which controls the electric motor based on the desired speed and the actual speed.
Patent:Nonlinear Muscle-Like Compliant Controller
Inventors:D.T.Lee & C-H Wu
Date of Patent:2001/06–2019/01
Abstract:A compliant controller implements a biological model of a primate muscle so as to provide simultaneous position and force control with nonlinear damping for an actuator. The compliant controller uses one or more position sensors but does not require the use of a force sensor to provide force control. The compliant controller implements a force determining algorithm that is a function of an initial actuator position, a subsequently sensed actuator position, a desired actuator position and a position calculated from a nonlinear damping function. The algorithm updates or sesets the initial actuator position or the calculated position depending upon the amount of actuator movement sensed. The compliant controller in accordance with the force determinining algorithm and resetting of the various position values allows a desired position to be quickly attained while allowing the controller to compliantly respond to the presence or removal of an unknown or unexpected disturbing force.
Patent:Method and system for determining critical area for circuit layouts using Voronoi diagrams
Date of Patent:2001/01–2019/01
Abstract:A method for computing critical area for shorts of a layout, in accordance with the present invention, includes the steps of computing a Voronoi diagram for the layout, computing a second order Voronoi diagram to arrive at a partitioning of the layout into regions, computing critical area within region and summing the critical areas to arrive at a total critical area for shorts in the layout. A system is also provided for calculating the critical area.