Distinguished Research Fellow/Professor  |  Hsu, Wen-Lian  
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Invited Talks
  1. Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Bioinformatics, Hong Kong, China, HOng Kong University of Science and Technology (2010/03/27)
  2. Data and Text Mining in Electronic Health, Beijing, China, Microsoft Research Asia (2010/02/05)
  3. Protein Structure and Function Prediction, Tienjin, China, International Conference on BioMedical Engineering and Informatics (2009/10/17)
  4. A Knowledge-Based Co-Location Model for Natural Language Processing., Taiwan, International Conference on Industrial, Engineering & Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems IEA-AIE 2009 (2009/06/24)
  5. Fully automatic bioinformatics tools for quantitation in Proteomics, Taiwan, Proteomics Workshop by NRPGM (2008)
  6. Designing Evolutionary Algorithms to Penetrate Noise in Computational Biology Problems, Hong Kong, Foundation of Computational Mathematics (2008)
  7. Survey of Biological Literature Mining, Taiwan, SUTC 2008, Workshop on Ambient Semantic Computing (2008)
  8. Protein Structure Prediction, Taiwan, National Chiao Tung University (2007)
  9. Input method, Taiwan, National Normal University (2007)
  10. The future web interface, Taiwan, AI Forum (Keynote speech) (2007)
  11. PC-Trees, Consecutive Ones Test, and Planar Graphs., Japan, The International Workshop on Algorithms and Graphs (IWAAG 2007) (2007)
  12. Planar graph algorithms, USA, Colorado State University (2007)
  13. Planar graph algorithms, Canada, University of Toronto (2007)
  14. Chinese question answering system, Taiwan, National Taiwan University (2007)
  15. Implications of Web 2.0 on Information Research, Taiwan, Workshop on Web 2.0 Technology and Applications (2007)
  16. Protein Structure Prediction, Taiwan, Systems Biology and Bioinformatics Symposium and Workshop (SBBS07) (2007)
  17. Protein Structure Prediction, Singapore, RECOMB Satellite Symposium on Regulatory Genomics (2006)
  18. Protein Structure Prediction, Taiwan, Academia Sinica, Institute of Physics (2006)
  19. Protein Structure Prediction, USA, University of Georgia (2006)
  20. Protein Structure Prediction, Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong (2006)
  21. Planar graph algorithms, Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong (2006)
  22. Bioinformatics, Taiwan, National Sun Yat-Sen University (2006)
  23. Protein localization site prediction, Singapore, IMS Bioalgorithm Workshop (2006)
  24. Protein localization site prediction, Tainan, Taiwan, The Second Taiwan-Japan Bilateral Symposium on Bioinformatics (2006)
  25. Artificial Intelligence, Taiwan, Knowledge Feast (Keynote speech), Academia Sinica (2006)
  26. Protein Structure Prediction, Taiwan, National Chiao Tung University (2005)
  27. Bioinformatics, Taiwan, Fu Jen Catholic University (2005)
  28. Bioinformatics, Taiwan, National Chung Cheng University (2005)
  29. Planar graph algorithms, Japan, Tohoku University (2005)