Research Fellow/Professor  |  Yang, Bo-Yin  
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Invited Talks
  1. Keynote: Postquantum Cryptography and the NIST Competition, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, CCISA (the information Security and Cryptography association of Taiwan) (2020/09/02)
  2. Developments in solving multivariate quadratic systems, Bern, Switzerland, SIAM Algebraic Geometry conference (2019/07/10)
  3. Post-Quantum Cryptography, Beijing, China, PANDA (Physical Attacks aNd Design Attestation ) School (2018/10/15)
  4. Multivariate Cryptography in the NIST Competition, Tenerife, Spain, PQCRYPTO project (2018/02/01)
  5. On solving generic multivariate quadratic systems, Daejeon, Korea, SIAM Algebraic Geometry conference (2015/08/07)
  6. On solving generic multivariate quadratic systems, Fukuoka, Japan, Fukuoka University (2015/01/27)
  7. On the difficulty of solving generic multivariate quadratic systems, Gaithersburg, USA, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) (2014/03/31)
  8. Fast Exhaustive Search for Quadratic Systems in F2 on FPGAs, Zurich, Switzerland, ETH Zurich (2013/06)
  9. Asymptotic and Practical Complexity of Generic Multivariate Quadratic Systems of Equations, Fukuoka, Japan, Kyushu University, Japan (2013/03)
  10. High-Speed Cryptographic Implementations, Carnegie-Mellon U., Pittsburgh, USA, CMU Cylab (2012/11)
  11. High-Speed Cryptographic Programming -- lessons of a decade, UMinn Twin Cities, Minneapolis, USA, UMinn CS Seminar (2011/09/26)
  12. Post-Quantum Cryptography, Intel Labs, Hillsboro OR, USA, Intel Corp (2011/07)
  13. Using Graphics Cards in Cryptography, Carnegie-Mellon U., Pittsburgh, USA, CMU CyLab (2010/08)
  14. Multivariate Public-Key Cryptography, AMS-MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings Special Session, San Francisco, USA, American Mathematics Society and Mathematics Association of America (2010/01)
  15. Implementing Multivariate Public-Key Cryptosystems, EU ECrypt II project, Berlin, Germany, SPEED-CC 2009 (2009/10)
  16. Elliptic Curve Method Today, Technical University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, TU Eindhoven Crypto Lecture Series (2009/04)
  17. The Story of an XL Implementation, U of Cincinnati, USA, PQCrypto 2008 (2008/10)
  18. System-Solving and Algebraic Cryptanalysis, TWISC@NTUST, Taipei, Taiwan, TWISC Advanced Lecture -- Postquantum Crypto (2008/02)
  19. Advance in Algebraic Cryptanalysis, NTUST, Taipei, Taiwan, NTUST International Lecture Series (2008/01)
  20. Algebraic attacks and equation-solving with XL, CCU, Minhsiung, Chiayi, Taiwan, National Chung Cheng University Algebraic Geometry Workshop (2007/04)
  21. Introduction to Number Field Sieve (II), TWISC@NCKU, Tainan, Taiwan, TWISC Workshop on Number Field Sieve (2007/02)
  22. The Limit of Lazard-Faugere Solvers for algebraic attacks, TWISC@NCTU, Hsinchu, Taiwan, TWISC Crypto Lectures (2006/11)
  23. Sparse Linear Algebra in Cryptanalysis, TKU, Tamsui, Taiwan, Tamkang Information Engineering Lectures (2006/10)
  24. Introduction to Elliptic Curve Cryptography, TWISC@NTUST, Taipei, Taiwan, TWISC Advanced Lecture -- Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Crypto (2006/08)
  25. Attacking Multivariate Public-Key Cryptosystems, TWISC@NTUST, Taipei, Taiwan, TWISC Advanced Lecture - Multivariate Cryptography (2006/01)
  26. All in the XL Family: Theory and Practice, FJU, Hsin-Chuang, Taipei Cty, Taiwan, Fu-Jen Math Seminar (2005/04)
  27. Analysis of XL over Small Fields, TWISC@NCKU, Tainan, Taiwan, TWISC Workshop on Advances in Taiwanese Cryptography (2005/03)
  28. Algebraic Cryptanalysis, NDHU, Hualien, Taiwan, Dong-Hua Applied Math Seminar (2004/12)
  29. Cryptanalysis Today, NTNU, Taipei, Taiwan, National Taiwan Normal University Math Colloquium (2004/11)
  30. Solving Systems of Quadratic Equations with XL, NTU, Taipei, Taiwan, National Taiwan University Math Colloquium (2004/05)