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Personnel Training
  1. Ph.D., ***** Matthias Kannwischer (馬○雅斯.勘維舍), "Implementation of Postquantum software on ARM", CS/RadboudUNijmegen (2020/03–)
  2. Ph.D., ***** Bo-Yuan Peng (彭○源), EE/NTU (2014/09–)
  3. Ph.D., ***** Shang-Yi Yang (楊○逸), "SHA-3 on ARM11 processors, Africacrypt 2012", CS/NTU'13 (2012/08–2017/02), IIS National Service from 2013/10
  4. Ph.D., ***** Ching-Hua Yu (尤○華), "Probabilistically Correct Secure Arithmetic Computation for Modular Conversion, Zero Test, Comparison, MOD and Exponentiation -- SCN 2012", EE/NTU, CS/UIUC (2011/03–2013/08), Transferred to UIUC for continued Ph.D. studies
  5. Ph.D., ***** Po-Chun Kuo (郭○鈞), "Extreme Enumeration on GPU and in Clouds (CHES 2011)", EE/NTU (2010/09–2020/07)
  6. Ph.D., ***** Ming-Shing Chen (陳○興), "Multivariate Cryptosystems (PQCrypto 2008, ACNS 2008, CT-RSA 2009, CHES 2009, Asiacrypt 2015, ISSAC 2018)", EE/NTU (MS:CS/NTU) (2009/08–2018/08), Postdoc, Ruhr University Bochum
  1. M.S., ***** Wei-Jeng Wang (王○政), "Solving Generic Quadratic Systems over the Field F3 by Enumeration", EE/NTU (2014/08–2016/07), Hsin-Chu Science Park
  2. M.S., ***** Ming-Yang Chih (池○洋), "Mifare, a practical case study of attack and defense", Quanta Nat'l Service, MS:EE/NTU'10 (2008/08–2010/08)
Postdoctoral Fellows
  1. Postdoctoral Fellow, ***** Lorenz Panny (羅○茲.潘尼), CS/TUEindhoven (2021/06–2023/06)
  2. Postdoctoral Fellow, ***** Robert Fitzpatrick (費○福), CS/London Holloway'14 (2014/02–2014/11)
  3. Postdoctoral Fellow, ***** Ruben Niederhagen (倪○本), "Fast Exhaustive Search for Polynomial Systems in $F_2$ (CHES 2010), Solving Quadratic Equations with XL on Parallel Architectures, (CHES 2012)", CS/TUEindhoven (2012/05–2013/09), Sinica Postdoc 2012-2013, now at TU Eindhoven
  4. Postdoctoral Fellow, ***** Wei-Chih Hong (洪○志), "Algebraic Cryptanalysis and application to practical issues", EE/NTU, now Assi. Prof. Feng-Chia U. (2011/06–2014/07)
  5. Postdoctoral Fellow, ***** Peter Schwabe (樂○), "High-speed high-security signatures, CHES'11", CS/TUEindhoven, now Prof. RU Nijmegen (2011/02–2012/11), Today associate professor at Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, the Netherlands
  1. Assistant, ***** Vincent Hwang (黃○文), "Polynomial multiplication with Number Theoretic Transforms", CS/NTU (2020/02–)
  2. Assistant, ***** Wen-Ding Li (李○鼎), "Frobenius Additive Fast Fourier Transform,", EE/NTU (2015/10–2018/11), Ph.D. Cornell
  3. Assistant, ***** Yun-Ju Huang (黃○茹), "Time-Space Trade-off in F4-like Groebner Basis Methods, Public-Key Cryptography from New Multivariate Quadratic Assumptions (PKC'12)", Math/UKyushu 2015 (MS:Math/NTU'10) (2010/08–2011/09), Kyushu University, postdoc
  4. Assistant, ***** Albert Bo-Wen Wang (王○文), (MS:EE/NTUST) (2010/03–2011/03)
  5. Assistant, ***** Hsieh-Chung Kevin Chen (陳○中), "fast implementations using GPUs", CS/Harvard (MS:EE/NTU'09) (2009/07–2010/07), Went to Harvard as Ph.D. student in 2010
  6. Assistant, ***** Chun-Hung Hsiao (蕭○宏), CS/UMich (MS:CS/UMich BS:CS/NTU) (2009/01–2010/07), Ph.D. program in UMich from 2011/8
  7. Assistant, ***** Tony Chou (周○), "Fast Exhaustive Search for Polynomial Systems in $F_2$ (CHES 2010), Solving Quadratic Equations with XL on Parallel Architectures, (CHES 2012)", CS/TUEindhoven (MS:EE/NTU) (2008/09–2012/09), CITI Assistant Research Fellow
  8. Assistant, ***** Eric Lih-Hsiang Kuo (郭○翔), "Implementing Multivariates using SSE instructions, CHES 2009; SPATE, Mobisys 2009", CS/UWisc (BS:NTU) (2008/07–2010/02), Went to UWMadison in 2010
  9. Assistant, ***** Tien-Ren Chen (陳○任), "Eurocrypt 09: ECM on Video Cards; CHES 09: Implementing Multivariates using SSE instructions", MS:CS/UCLA'11, BS:CS/NTU'08, (2008/01–2010/07), GOOG (from 2011)
  10. Assistant, ***** Yi-Ting Chang (張○婷), "Complexity Theory", Math/NTU (MS:Math/NTU) (2007/07–2008/08), Back to NTU for Ph.D.
  11. Assistant, ***** Michael Feng-Hao Liu (劉○豪), "Provably Secure Stream Cipher with Multivariate Maps (PQCrypto 2008), Efficient String-Commitment from Weak Bit-Commitment and Full-Spectrum Amplification Theorem for Puzzles (Asiacrypt 2010, co-advised w/ CJLu)", CS/Brown 2013 (BS:EE/NTU) (2006/12–2007/07), Now Assistant Professor, Florida Atlantic University
  12. Assistant, ***** Chia-Hsin Chen (陳○欣), "GAnGS project for iCAST (Mobicom 2008); XL programming for Algebraic Cryptanalysis (FSE 2007); SFLASH variant secure against differential attack (ICALP 2008).", EE/MIT (BS:EE/NTU'07) (2006/01–2008/07), 2008 went to Princeton for Ph.D., transferred to MIT in 2009