Visiting Scholar  |  Ho, Jan-Ming  
Invited Talks
  1. 5G and Industry innovation, Taipei, Taiwan, APABA (2019/12/08)
  2. Germination, Words from Prof. Eugene Wong, Tainan, Taiwan, NCKU (2019/08/12)
  3. Bitcoin and Blockchain and Their Applications in IoT, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, Ememory Inc. (2018/03/01)
  4. Smart Country, Smart Citizens, and Innovative Culture (智慧國家、智慧國民與創新文化), Taichung, Taiwan, Taichung City Government (2017/10/29)
  5. 智慧國家、智慧國民與創新文化, Taipei, Taiwan, 2017 Taiwan Digital Government Summit (2017/09/22)
  6. Smart City, Smart Citizen, and Innovation Culture, Taipei, Taiwan, General Introduction of Science and Technology, EMRD, NTUST (2017/06/17)
  7. Fintech and Financial Industry, Impact and Response, Taichung, Taiwan, Department of Information Management, Tunghai University (2017/06/08)
  8. Cyber Security Overview of Taiwan, Taichung, Taiwan, Taiwan Chapter of Society for Risk Analysis, TCSRA (2017/05/25)
  9. Fintech, A Personal Perspective, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, IC Design Technology Center, National Tsing-Hua University (2017/05/12)
  10. Fintech and Financial Industry, Impact and Response, Taipei, Taiwan, TIGP SNHCC Program, Academia Sinica (2017/05/03)
  11. Fintech and Financial Industry, Impact and Response, Taichung, Taiwan, Asia University (2017/04/13)
  12. Cyber Security Overview of Taiwan, Brasilia, Brazil, WCIT, World Congress on Information Technology (2016/10/04)
  13. Challenges and Opportunities in New Era of Information Security, Brasilia, Brazil, World Congress on Information Technology (2016/10/04)
  14. Openning, Taipei, Taiwan, Initiative on ICT Human Resource Development (2016/09/01)
  15. Smart City, Intelligent Citizen, and Innovative Culture(Keynote Speech, 智慧城市、智慧市民與創新文化), Keelung, Taiwan, 2016 Taiwan Conference on Software Engineering, TCSE 2016 (2016/08/01)
  16. Smart City, Intelligent Citizen, and Innovation Culture, Keelung, Taiwan, Conference on Software Engineering (2016/07/08)
  17. Social Network and Financial Computing, Taichung, Taiwan, Asia University (2016/06/06)
  18. Computational versus Mathematical Thinking(計算與數學思維), Taipei, Taiwan, Science History Salon, NTU CASE (Center for the Advancement of Science Education) (2016/05/22)
  19. Planting, innovation, and participation: towards a sustainable ecosystem(紮根、創新、參與,邁向永續生態系), Taipei, Taiwan, G0V Submit 2016 (2016/05/15)
  20. Innovative Services in Smart Cities, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Kaohsiung City Government (2016/05/13)
  21. Smart City and Innovative Services(推動智慧城市創新服務), Kaohsiung/Taiwan, Kaohsiung City Government (2016/05/13)
  22. Launching, Innovation, and participation towards a sustainable ecosystem, Taipei, Taiwan, G0V (2016/05/01)
  23. Industry 4.0 in Taiwan, Taipei/Taiwan, US Taiwan Business Council (2016/04/18)
  24. Big Data Technology and Financial Computing(大數據技術與金融計算), Hualien/Taiwan, Department of Finance, National Dong Hwa University (2015/12/18)
  25. Challenges and Opportunities of Financial Computing Industry in Big Data and Cloud Computing Era, Taipei, Taiwan, III (2014/12/05)
  26. Persistent Behavior of Financial Markets, Hsinchu, Taiwan, NCTU (2014/11/20)
  27. Scientific Research on Big Data Framework, Beijing, China, CODATA Workshop on Big Data for International Scientific Programmes: Challenges and Opportunities (2014/06/08)
  28. Research on Big Data Frameworks, Taipei, 2014 3rd International BigData Taipei Satellite Session (2014/05/29)
  29. Open Learning and Social Value Creation, Taiwan, NCKU Lecture on Sustainability (2014/05/01)
  30. Innovation and Startup of Intelligent Living Industry, Taiwan, National Taiwan Ocean University (2013/12/20)
  31. Crunching Financial Data in the Cloud, Macau, Macao International Symposium on Accounting and Finance (2013/11/26)
  32. Crunching Genomic Data in the Cloud, Taiwan, National Center for High-Performance Ccomputing (2013/09/14)
  33. Directions and Suggestions for the Development of Taiwan Educational Cloud, Taiwan, Yi-Lan County Eductional Network Center (2013/07/01)
  34. A Scalable Framework of Developing Digital Archive Systems, Taipei, Taiwan, TELDAP International Conference 2013 (2013/03/14)
  35. Large-Scale Financial Risk Management Services, Taichung, Taiwan, CSIE, National Chung-Hsing University (2013/02/22)
  36. Creating Educational and Learning Infrastructure by using Education, Cultural, and Ecological Digital Archives, Taiwan, Education Plurk, An Association of Teachers (2012/07/04)
  37. Searching and Replicating Large Data Objects in the clouds, Taiwan, Chang-Jung Christian University (2012/04/25)
  38. Technical Aspects of Sustainable Digital Archives, Taiwan, TELDAP International Conference (2012/02/23)
  39. From Data Centric Network to Disaster Management, Taipei, Taiwan, Dept. Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University (2011/11/15)
  40. OpenISDM: An Open Framework for Disaster Information Systems, Beijing, China, CODATA, International Council for Science : Committee on Data for Science and Technology (2011/11/01)
  41. An introduction of Intercloud & Time-Critical Event Dissemination in Intercloud, Hsinchu, Taiwan, Institute of Information Management, National Chiao-Tung University (2011/05/20)
  42. 2010-2011 Digital Educational Resource Exchange and Sharing Program, Sun-Moon Lake, Nantou, Taiwan, Ministry of Education (2011/03/21)
  43. Development Cycle and Core Facilities of Digital Archive Systems of TELDAP, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, National S&T Program on E-Learning and Digital Archive, Taiwan (2011/03/18)
  44. 2010-2011 Digital Educational Resource Exchange and Sharing Program, National Chung-Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan, Dept. Computer Sciecne and Information Engineering, National Chung-Cheng University (2011/03/18)
  45. Development and Application of Exchange Standard of Educational Resources, Taiwan, Ministry of Education/National Chung-Cheng University (2010/07/22)
  46. Foresight Taiwan and Efficient Algorithms for Computing TCE, Taiwan, Department of Computer Science, NCTU (2010/04/08)
  47. Development and Application of Exchange Standard of Educational Resources, Taiwan, Nankang High School (2009/11/27)
  48. Developing a Framework of Sharing Educational Resources, Taiwan, Department of Information Management National Yunlin University (2008/12)
  49. Bibpro, a template-based citation parser with applications in summarizing impacts of academic publications, Taiwan, Department of Computer ScienceNational ChengChi University (2008/11)
  50. Peer to Peer Systems and Application, Taiwan, National Taichung First Senior High School (2008/04)
  51. P2P SEW: A Cooperative Shared Screen over Semi-Centralized Peer-to-Peer Architecture, Taiwan, WOCC 2008 (2008/04)
  52. Mining Academic Community, Taiwan, Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering, National Taipei University (2007/12)
  53. Exchange and Share E-learning Resources, USA, PNC 2007, Computer Center of M.O.E/Sibley Auditorium and Hearst Memorial Mining Building,University of California, Berkeley (2007/10)
  54. Principle and Application of P2P Computing, Taiwan, Information Management Office,Executive Yuan(資訊科技系列專題演講) (2007/08)
  55. Sequence homolog analysis for functional annotation, 3D prediction and Synteny mapping, Taiwan, Department of Life Science, National Taiwan University (2007/06)
  56. Identification of repeat families in large genomes, Taiwan, Department of Computer Science and Engineering National Sun Yat-sen University(give graduate students a talk ) (2007/05)
  57. Development of an Education-Resource Network, Taiwan, Educational Network Center of Chia-Yi City (2007/02)
  58. An introduction to Peer-to-Peer streaming, Taiwan, CS group,Graduate Institute of EE,National Taiwan University (2006/11)
  59. An Introduction to Peer-to-Peer Computing, Taiwan, Department of Computer Science,NCTU (2006/11)
  60. , Taiwan, 2005嵌入式系統技術發展產學策略研討會 (2005/11)
  61. Open Source, National Policy and Open Source Foundry, Taiwan, Hsing Wu College (2004/11)
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